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ADC mural sausage fest

2011 April 25
by leslievrobertson

Last Saturday I got to help Jennifer Daniel, Elle Kim, and Lotta Nieminen paint the men’s room at the Art Directors Club. Our theme centered around metaphors for male body parts…and I was assigned the snake wall! They told me, ‘do a celtic knot snake’ and I ran with it.

The whole room turned out awesome and it was such a blast painting with such talented ladies for a whole day. Tiring, but such a huge payoff in the end.


Starting the painting: I began with Krink, but it was—to no one’s surprise—way, way too drippy, so I switched to acrylic.


The tail. I guess it looks like a rattlesnake, but in my head he’s supposed to be a Black Mamba…


They let me sign my work! (Also, note how low to the ground this bad boy is. Crouching for hours!)


The most successful part of the snake. Lotta painted the head segment shown here.


Jennifer’s swords (for “sword fighting” LOL) and Elle’s garden hose.


Elle finishing up her lettering, “Pride and Joy” next to Lotta’s “Prince Charming” and Jennifer’s sausage links.


It’s going to be hard for me not to use the men’s room whenever I go to the Art Directors Club in the future, for sure!



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