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mannie fre$h

2010 December 28
by leslievrobertson

I only remembered to photograph the process of this painting once—and at a really early stage that has little relevance to the final state—so I can’t really show much of a progression…but here you go, for what it’s worth:

After I got to this stage I sort of freaked out and couldn’t figure out how I was going to execute the smoke-words, and very nearly chickened out and painted the smoke as cartoon-like lumpy clouds. I eventually found a way to treat the drawing of the smoke much like the hair I made for David Lynch, and then painted it with many, many translucent acrylic glazes of white and light gray (a huge step for me as I have never before been able to work transparently with acrylic successfully).

Again with the paw-hands….someday I’ll get my act together. This time I wasn’t able to render the hand to a point that I was ever pleased with, so I just covered it up with a plume of smoke.

UPDATE: Here is what the final FINAL version looked like when I hung it up for Thesis judging. I made the smoke a little more opaque, as I was told it was pretty illegible…I guess it looks better, and, if nothing else, a lot more similar to the other paintings:

(Thanks for the photo, Yong!)

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